Saturday, April 29, 2006

Peacock Crossing.
That is the first thing you notice when you cross the gates of ISB, past the security. I have not seen any peacocks around, probably because I crossed past instead of lying in wait for the national bird to appear.
And, I have a hunch that most people would do that too. Which gave me an idea. What if I put a sign saying "procupine crossing" and let it be?
Would people stop to check or would the thought of a spiny procupine scare them away faster and add to the awe of ISB? ;D. Food for thought.
Accounting is over and done for the pre-terms but my balance sheet is imbalanced. And I was the one enjoying the classes...
Perhaps today is the last of the calm Sundays...because from the next weekend onwards, there would be assignments galore.
The temperature's been soaring. Thank god for the ACs that they provide in the rooms.
Classes for Term 1 starts from tomorrow, four courses. The beginning of the road for a Management career.
One of the differences between technical subjects and managerial topics lies in the non conclusive nature of solutions in the latter. Technical means, there has to be a way. Managerial is more ambiguous in nature. I don't wish to say too much right I've just started out.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

For the Pre-Terms, I have taken only a single course, Introductory Accounting, inspite of being "highly recommended" to take the other two.
And, that was one good decision. The prof is amazing. She happens to be taking continuous two-hour classes everyday, answering similar questions across six sections and yet manages to be so patient with all of us. I guess that is one of the wonderful attributes of being in the teaching profession, one learns the virtue of patience. It is so easy to tire and so difficult to listen to the student's doubt... I am enjoying my introduction to balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.
I keep meeting several people everyday and I am trying my very best to connect the face with the name. will take time, but given the fact that most of them will land up as CXO of some company down the line, it is a wise investment of my time to find out more about them.
Term 1 begins next week, and it does not seem too far either.
Time, on campus, passes very fast, and faster still, if you have an assignment to submit :D

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So many clubs...formed almost every hour. In a way it's good. All the students of the batch have some area of focus where they would like to be, and a club provides a forum to discuss and debate topics, prepare together for a recruiting company and help each other find jobs of their dreams.
It makes sense.
There's the other aspect of putting forward the aspirations of the group to the authorities. A group helps to address the collective aspirations of it's members, contact necessary people, draw from the diverse pool of students admitted and then proceed on a roadmap in order to achieve people's goals.
Though it is just the start, the amount of work that awaits is unbelievable. Here the students have to be the fore runner in achieving their dreams, the school takes a supportive role. The sense of action, of assuming responsibility for your own career can be immensely exhilarating.
The clubs have just started out.."a long way to go before we sleep".

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More than a week has passed. It was the Orientation Week.
The concept of a one year program robs students of an opportunity to have the comfort of going to seniors for advice and help. In a way, it is like re-inventing the wheel, instead of moving onto the tyre.
However, during the week, a few of my ideas were reformed. The Class of 2006 came over to interact with all of us, give us invaluable gyaan and did not complain of the repetitive and endless stream of questions that "freshers" had to ask. The amount of patience, the number of late nights they must have put in order to calm an anxious students' fears of the gruelling experience about to begin, and the last minute topics of gyaan that could be covered was simply put, amazing.
Thank You is probably too early to say and too premature. It signals an end, when the chapter has only been opened.Our relationship with the alumni has just begun.
As a student of this wonderful instituition, I can only hope to repay in kind the blessing that I have received.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I wanted to get started. Generally.
Getting back to acads has not been as bad as imagined. I had actually wanted it...come to think of it, for almost two years. I wonder whether it applies to other things as well, that is, if you want something really badly, do you actually end up getting the same?
I believe you do. The dream turns into reality only when you consistently refuse to accept anything else. Know, not just think, that you can achieve the goal.
Imagination is an amazing power that humans have been blessed with. It empowers one to visualise circumstances that one wants to actualise, relieve moments that have passed, in short you are as big as your imagination makes you.

Some might disagree and I would love to hear the other side.
Till then, goodbye