Friday, March 28, 2008

Life is an impulse
Life is an impulse. Remember the impulse function taught in college/school (nowadays)? It peaks in a single instant and has no existence before or after it. It is defined not by how long the instant is, but how high it reaches in that moment. Much like life.
If you close your eyes now and relive your life, what come back are images, few in number. Images you can go over in the fraction of a second. That is the essence. Every hour you have lived becomes a nanosecond in memory. Days merge because they are similar....what remains is the most important event, most important action, the most moving feeling of your past. That would take more than a nanosecond of time. It is not that a younger person lives through his life in just a second. Even the tottering old would take just that fraction of second to recollect life.
The instant, the moment is all that the impulse has. In that single moment, it must surge, it must reach the stars, it must peak. It is but a moment we all have to live, to enjoy, to act, to be happy…to peak. And every moment holds so much promise. Much like the Vodafone ad – “Make the most of now”.

Another inextricable concept linked with life is death. Inevitable, inexorable and any which way you put it, death has been hailed as the only truth. To my mind, death is the only event that gives life its meaning. The impending end provides the impetus for action, for that impulse. Death makes each moment precious. Death makes life worth living. Now and no more. A concept which breaks monotony. Things are beautiful because they are not forever. My friend whom I meet everyday is not going to be there forever and it makes my every conversation precious. Friends will become just a face in my mind. Our myriad conversations will translate into a smile when I think back. Think of those friends from school (all 12/13 years of our lives), from college (3/4 years of togetherness) – all that remain are faces, smiles, some strong emotions and nothing else. Did we think while standing surrounded by “best friends” in school that it would all disappear in a jiffy? Had we known, would we have quarreled? My life now will change in the blink of an eye, making this time priceless. My mirror will show me a different face in a jiffy as I grow older. A moment is all I have to cherish everything in my life now.

When I think of the swirling thoughts in my mind, I often cannot put to words everything that passes through. Some flitter away before I can grasp them.

All that is black and white, I know what to write
That which is black and grey, I don't know what to say.

Take care!
Live now!