Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So many clubs...formed almost every hour. In a way it's good. All the students of the batch have some area of focus where they would like to be, and a club provides a forum to discuss and debate topics, prepare together for a recruiting company and help each other find jobs of their dreams.
It makes sense.
There's the other aspect of putting forward the aspirations of the group to the authorities. A group helps to address the collective aspirations of it's members, contact necessary people, draw from the diverse pool of students admitted and then proceed on a roadmap in order to achieve people's goals.
Though it is just the start, the amount of work that awaits is unbelievable. Here the students have to be the fore runner in achieving their dreams, the school takes a supportive role. The sense of action, of assuming responsibility for your own career can be immensely exhilarating.
The clubs have just started out.."a long way to go before we sleep".


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