Sunday, April 23, 2006

More than a week has passed. It was the Orientation Week.
The concept of a one year program robs students of an opportunity to have the comfort of going to seniors for advice and help. In a way, it is like re-inventing the wheel, instead of moving onto the tyre.
However, during the week, a few of my ideas were reformed. The Class of 2006 came over to interact with all of us, give us invaluable gyaan and did not complain of the repetitive and endless stream of questions that "freshers" had to ask. The amount of patience, the number of late nights they must have put in order to calm an anxious students' fears of the gruelling experience about to begin, and the last minute topics of gyaan that could be covered was simply put, amazing.
Thank You is probably too early to say and too premature. It signals an end, when the chapter has only been opened.Our relationship with the alumni has just begun.
As a student of this wonderful instituition, I can only hope to repay in kind the blessing that I have received.


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