Thursday, April 27, 2006

For the Pre-Terms, I have taken only a single course, Introductory Accounting, inspite of being "highly recommended" to take the other two.
And, that was one good decision. The prof is amazing. She happens to be taking continuous two-hour classes everyday, answering similar questions across six sections and yet manages to be so patient with all of us. I guess that is one of the wonderful attributes of being in the teaching profession, one learns the virtue of patience. It is so easy to tire and so difficult to listen to the student's doubt... I am enjoying my introduction to balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.
I keep meeting several people everyday and I am trying my very best to connect the face with the name. will take time, but given the fact that most of them will land up as CXO of some company down the line, it is a wise investment of my time to find out more about them.
Term 1 begins next week, and it does not seem too far either.
Time, on campus, passes very fast, and faster still, if you have an assignment to submit :D


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