Saturday, April 29, 2006

Peacock Crossing.
That is the first thing you notice when you cross the gates of ISB, past the security. I have not seen any peacocks around, probably because I crossed past instead of lying in wait for the national bird to appear.
And, I have a hunch that most people would do that too. Which gave me an idea. What if I put a sign saying "procupine crossing" and let it be?
Would people stop to check or would the thought of a spiny procupine scare them away faster and add to the awe of ISB? ;D. Food for thought.
Accounting is over and done for the pre-terms but my balance sheet is imbalanced. And I was the one enjoying the classes...
Perhaps today is the last of the calm Sundays...because from the next weekend onwards, there would be assignments galore.
The temperature's been soaring. Thank god for the ACs that they provide in the rooms.
Classes for Term 1 starts from tomorrow, four courses. The beginning of the road for a Management career.
One of the differences between technical subjects and managerial topics lies in the non conclusive nature of solutions in the latter. Technical means, there has to be a way. Managerial is more ambiguous in nature. I don't wish to say too much right I've just started out.


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