Friday, August 06, 2010

Very random

I love to think. I love to wonder and be alone with my thoughts. The best moments for me are when I’ve found the time to be lost in myself. Through my thoughts I answer my own questions. My questions concern life, the whys of everything, and the bigger picture. I ponder in order to search for the motive that guides external forces. What was the lesson they wanted to teach? Did I learn the lesson?

I have been greatly influenced in the past few days by Brian Weiss’s books. He wrote about rebirths and deeds. I believe him. I have never ever had any experience with anyone remotely connected to the rebirth story, but I believe Brian Weiss just by reading his book. It makes sense to me and strikes a chord.

You see, he talks about getting what you have done. In a single lifetime, we believe that you get paid back for good and bad deeds. The point is, certain paybacks take time…enough to last a few lifetimes. And it all makes sense. It’s said that God is omniscient, omnipresent and every other ‘omni’ attribute you can think of. To be omniscient, to know it all, you must experience it all first hand. Not through empathy, but first hand. If God made us in imitation of what he looked like, then he also must have decided on a succession plan for himself. While it may sound stupid, as God is immortal, it makes sense that God would want more like him…Brian Weiss mentioned that the soul was constantly evolving, and I think that the destination or the final frontier for the soul is to become God. What happens after the human soul becomes God, I don’t know. I need further meditation to answer that question.

Can you imagine how it feels to experience everything first-hand? Everything could be every feeling, every life situation, almost any combination that can happen to anyone on earth. The possibilities are vast and limitless, almost like the universe. It is somewhat like this – today I say an unkind word to my friend. He feels very hurt – a feeling he experiences first hand, and I don’t. For my soul to evolve, I need to experience that hurt myself. Only then, can I claim to have known. This was a rather mild example. There are examples where a murderer in a lifetime was murdered in a similar fashion in a later lifetime for the soul to grow. The learning is, there is indeed divine retribution and no one goes scot-free even if our laws fail to punish the criminal. When reading Brian Weiss, I found this experience to be very true for all his patients who had wronged others – they had to experience the exact pain they had caused in several lifetimes afterwards. For good deeds done by people, their next lifetimes got better, easier, more fulfilling.

I just felt that everything that happened in a person’s life has some connection or the other to previous lifetimes. However, it is not humanly possible to map the causes or the innumerable rebirths and millions of deeds. Every life is meant to teach certain crucial lesson. No life is a waste, none at all. Even those the premature deaths of infants, are also a lesson for that soul. Brian Weiss had such an example in his own life. You learn something. By you, it means the soul. It is overwhelming to know that I have the solution to all my problems, the answers to all my worries within myself – more specifically, if hypnotized and regressed to the past, I am capable of solving any of my current problems. This knowledge is empowering. As per Brian Weiss, the future has limitless possibilities. My actions today, change the course of my future tomorrow. In effect, he is disagreeing with the concept, that events are pre-destined.

Everyone cannot be treated by Brian Wiess or helped out by him. What I took away from reading his book is that, if I knew what ails me today, understood that it possibly was linked to my past, and controlled my vices, acted more humanely towards others, I guess I will be better off in my current and future lifetimes.

All of us are a part of the same universal soul. Eventually we are all one. Can you accept that? The rich business tycoon and the abject beggar on the street are a part of the same soul where you belong. Can you imagine that all people are connected to you, they are your reflections? Can you hate yourself? Or not cringe trying to hurt yourself? Will you hit as hard if you were hitting yourself instead of the thief that stole your purse? Would you refuse the beggar the penny, if you knew that he was a part of you? Once this acceptance sinks in, this fact that we are no different, it is hard to harm, be revengeful or hurt others. The sinking in is what takes time. Apparently Jesus Christ only had compassion and love in his eyes, even when he was beaten, bruised and crucified.

What do I take with me when I go to my next birth? It’s not nothing, and that is comforting. I take back lessons learnt from this lifetime - one or several of them. The soul, it seems has unlimited disk space to store all your previous lifetimes and deeds. Not only that, it takes in everything, more than you can see, or know. It seems to have a 10k vision on your life and people connected to you.

I am still thinking even as I sign out of this post, and I realize that just like the universe, our brain too is limitless in its capacity to contain our thoughts.

Take care!