Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lots of rain...almost two days non-stop. The best thing was that it was on a weekend, so you could sleep without the worry of rushing to classes. At ISB, in weekends you don't have classes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One may thank the stars for the break, but it is compensated by due dates for assignments and cases.

The other day, Manish Sabherwal, CEO Teamlease, and founder of India-Life, came on campus to address students of PAEV (Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture). He spoke for two hours, what he called "public bullshitting", and the time just breezed by! Amazing orator, his insights were profound. Having started two successful ventures himself, he gave valuable tips to a lot of us who hope to tread the path someday. "I wish I had", is one of the greatest regret of middle age and that life is not a sprint but a marathon (referring to his friends who made great jobs post MBA).

"Leadership lessons from Shakespeare", another wonderful talk to highlight the different kinds of leaders, the reasons for downfall and stories from India to draw parallels.


Blogger Meenakshi said...

Great to hear that 2 hours breezed by without your realizing time's passage. Must be an excellent orator.

Wish I was there to share his insights!


1:44 PM  
Anonymous Mrinal said...

the teamlease story seems to be interesting, Cant u write in more detailed ?

~ Mrinal

11:57 AM  

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