Thursday, July 20, 2006

It was my first.
Although I had heard about it, I had never quite experienced what it felt to see the sun rise by staying awake the entire night.
The COMPSTRAT assignment did that for me... While dawn is quite beautiful to watch, you really don't look too good yourself after staying up the night. And, I was not alone...three of my group members saw the dawn too.

Term 2 got over two days back, but the assignment due after that was really exhausting. There were quite a few others whose faces bore the marks of a demanding night.
At ISB, deadlines drive everything...and I guess that teaches one to respect them, plan ahead, and prepare for contingencies when some team members are unavailable.

The Term had DMOP exam, which took most of our breadth away...when the invigilator said that "5 minutes remaining", the entire class started laughing...It really didn't matter.
CSTR - race against time, and all those open book notes to refer to and not spend too much time reading them.
MKTG - a challenging exam...
GLEC - Four articles on world macroeconomics....this field is open to interpretations of all does one really know which macroeconomic variable changes faster than another, thus ensuring one certain outcome?

Caught up with a few movies in the meantime, "In Good Company" - a 26 year old MBA becomes the boss of a 52 year old chap...Certain marketing fundamentals in action, and a lot of tension between the old and the new ways of thinking. Nice watch, interesting comedy especially when the chap falls in love with the daughter of the ex-CEO.

"Bourne Supremacy" - Too much action and violence....

I organized a violin concert for my Section...And it was really a soothing experience to listen to the melodious tunes of the violin while sitting under the stars with friends. From 11 in the night to almost 1:30 the time passed quite swiftly...It was given by one of our section mates..and he played really well..from classical to Hindi music ditties...

Now, I need to catch up with my sleep...


Blogger mama said...

scarlett johansson looks just great in that movie...

11:53 AM  
Blogger SABYASACHI said...

Enakshi... I never knew u had a twin sister and that too both of u studied in the same school, college and even in BITS. I wish both of you studied in ISB too....Anyway, i went through Meenakshi's blog too..great posts from her too.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Meenakshi said...

You saw dawn? Well am sure that you need sleep. Get some before you burn out!


3:20 PM  
Anonymous pegasus said...

do you have ragging in ISB... i feel without that its hard to build a culture around students?

6:18 AM  

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