Thursday, June 15, 2006

Term 2. Courses are Competitive Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Optimization and Global Economics.

Markstrat seems to be interesting...given the fact that we will be playing a simulation game and acting as a firm in a particular industry and competing with our peers over 7 periods. Phew! Using all that we have learnt in Marketing...try and survive as a company in the marketplace and not fizzle out. And, there is no compassion...You are penalized for fizzling out.

Global Econimcs: All firms are essentially similar, and the effects of taxation and government policies affect the well being of the nations. We talk in terms of GDP and GNP...and move away from microeconimcs which concentrated on individual firm's health. The prof will be be showing us a movie to better illustrate what we are learning.

Competitive Strategy: It mainly discusses the various strategies that companies deploy to survive, wipe out competition, gain market share through examples. We saw the Cola Wars...and what Pepsi did as an entrant to the cola industry is truly commendable. Let's see how this course turns out...the assignments hopefully, will give a better flavour to the course.

Optimization: Hopefully, this is something we all try to do, whether we have been exposed to the course or not...Hence, it's nothing really new...Everybody needs it, as does any MBA student.

Caught up with movies, this hectic schedule is not doing enough to deter me..."Bourne Identity", "Laws of Attraction", "Finding Nemo", "Pay it Forward".
The last two are worth mentioning...The lesson that Nemo's dad learnt was very heart-warming, from being over-protective of his son, to learning to let go...
Pay it forward was a wonderful concept of a little boy, in contrast to paying a kind deed back. It made sense, and it also seemed credible.

We had the second round of elections on campus...Presidents of Clubs, Sports activities and Newsletter. I had submitted my nomination for the last it was something I had done previously.

Section C had their Ethnic Day celebrations - the girls wore sari, and the guys wore kurta. It was good fun to go to class in a sari, surprised the profs...and the rest of the sections who were dressed normally. It was good fun, taking snaps...which would become a part of my "good ol days"



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