Saturday, June 24, 2006

I was enjoying myself, as my family came down to meet me...Good time passes by so fast.
The week just flew away.

Watched "fanaa" with the family. The tunes of one of the songs was really nice. Story is fine, but Aamir Khan's earlier "Rang De Basanti" lingers on. Couldn't appreciate this one to that extent. Kajol never seemed blind, unlike Rani in "Black" who had done it so well. Obviously, Rani was retarded, whereas Kajol was not. Saw "Darna Zaroori Hain". I don't remember when it was released, but it really failed to scare me. It became quite predictable, if you have watched, "Darna Mana Hai".

Clubs have been formed, presidents and office bearers elected, and the work has started. Got involved with two clubs so far...Hopefully, demands should not be too much. Given the load of assignments, I am wondering whether two isn't enough.
And, yes, I lost that editor post to a competent colleague.

Term 1 results are more or less out...I need to work harder...or maybe smarter. Dunno which one. It depressed me for a little while, until I realised that there were far more important things in life....Family, friends, Memories and so much more...

Remembered a bengali song...
"Jokhon roiba be na mor choron chinno eiy bate"
(When my foot steps will not be found at this doorstep)



Blogger Meenakshi said...

Family will always be there - if not physically then in your mind.
"Good things come in small packages" - the good times might have been short but the memories will always linger on.

You are right, Rani was more credibly blind than Kajol. Also Rani was retarded, Kajol was not - but she definitely acted like one!

7:13 PM  

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