Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, the Term 1 exams ended a day back, and we've got a break till the coming Mondays. Some people have left for home, but a few have chosen to stick to this place. I am one of them.
The exams were challenging, as they were meant to be. The profs had promised that it would be an exam of what we know, but then, if one does not know, the purpose of the test is defeated.

We are all 12.5 % MBAs, as a someone put it. ISB has 8 Terms, Term 1 done, 7 more to go.
The few of us who had stayed back, gathered yesterday to eat, dance and play with our section mates. And it was really enjoyable. I guess this is one of the few parties at ISB, where everyone danced in tandem with the group.

Term 2 coursepacks have already been distributed..and the size is really intimidating. They say, it is supplementary material...I wonder what the main thing looks like.
In the meantime, I caught up with a few movies - "Dirty Dancing", "The Specialist". I had seen the Hindi version, "Holiday" for the first one, and could almost anticipate what was going to happen. Nonetheless, the original is good to watch.

Each of the courses in Term 1 is related to the other. You need to appreciate the market and competition in order to better estimate your moves - Economics, and set a price, so as to either gain market share or penetrate the market...understanding your product and its value - Marketing, in case you have started off, you better maintain the books - Accounting, and if you want to know what factors are influencing your business revenues, profits and losses - Statistics.

This is how I related the topics...and I enjoyed all of them, but Economics the most. Game Theory is an amazing concept and has the potential to change your outlook of the world and your surroundings.


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John Nash, the great mathematician who dwelled in his own beautiful world always comes to my mind when someone mentions Game Theory.
Indeed the way we view the world can change considerably if one understands Game Theory!

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