Sunday, July 02, 2006

Done with the Mid Terms - Macroeconomics and DMOP.
DMOP has a long name, and since I really don't want to spell out the name here (laziness), let me tell you, it is about making decisions after a given solution has been optimised to address the problem.

The macroeconomics paper was really innovative and a great way to think about world affairs. The prof put in articles from magazines to ask us questions, and apply our classroom knowledge to real world issue analysis. He had made the paper really well, a challenge, so to say. Though tough, I must admit, it made sense in studying the subject, to find the relevance of the thories studied in our lives, and in the world around us.

He had also screened the movie Commanding Heights, and it chronicles the change in the world order from WWI to the new millenium. It gives a very good idea of the way certain countries have embraced market-driven policies, while some of them chose to remain closed. The fight between the classical and Keynesian theory, the followers of Hayek's beliefs - Maggie Thatcher and Reagen, India's doing away with the Permit Raj and embracing the free market, Hernando de Soto's ideas on capitalism...and much more. It is worthwhile to watch this movie, in case you are interested in knowing more about global economics.

I was busy this weekend with the LDP schedule and learning Business Presentation skills. The facilitator, Mr Rajehwar Upadhyay, is himself a great speaker and very inflential with a style of his own. The two day programme, has changed a few of my beliefs about good presentation skills and given me a fair idea of what I need to do to move from being good to great. In fact, even in the span of two days, I have witnessed change in the presentation style of a few of my classmates...and also in myself. For one's own personal style to evolve, one needs practice and regularly so...which has to be worked on, given the rigorous schedule that ISB has.
A great learning session...and highly productive.


Blogger Ford Prefect said...

DMOP??? We just called it DMO ... what does P stand for ?? Term 2 was my favourite ... By the time it gets over , you wont realize what hit you ..

10:07 PM  
Blogger Enakshi said...

Thank you Sir.
It is good to see your comment on my blog.
The Optimization part of it is captured in the OP. That is why, DMOP.
Term 2 is actually a little disappointing compared to Term 1, the reason could be because our professors now are different from yours.But it is nonetheless, interesting.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Ford Prefect said...

What with the Sir ???
I remember you once did that in a comment on my blog ... Not that I mind... Its nice to pretend that I have been knighted ;-) ....
As for term 2 , its a lot better than term 3 ... I dont remember a lot from term 3 coz I spent momst of it sleeping in the last row ..

6:52 AM  

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