Saturday, May 13, 2006

I went to my first ISB party. I was planning to go for all the previous ones, but unfortunately, sleep won over the enthusiasm to go out and party.
Well, I turned up at 12:30 am when most of my batch mates were mid-way through their merriment. It was held at the mirror pool, and they had filled it with water. It being the warm summer night, people were really enjoying splashing around. The dress code was shorts and skirts. Since, I had worn none, I didn't venture towards the pool.
Midway through my conversation on Mendelism and Genetic Heredity with a fellow batch-mate, I was dragged by some too-enthusiastic-section-mates to the pool and while they lashed water at me.
Now, when I said it was a summer night, I exaggerated. Completely drenched, I realized that it was not that hot. Thankfully, my dear friend who had gotten nutty while talking about some of the Genetic structure and dominance theories, volunteered to drop me to my SV.
Moral of the story:
Never over-estimate the temperature, and
a confused chap is more likely to take pity on you...


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You're welcome!

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