Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We left it at Statisics.
I have learnt statistics in my college, BITS, and it was done in a very different way than what I experienced in class yesterday. The word is awesome.
He captured our attention from the very beginning, sheerly by virtue of being an experienced speaker.
Imagine, that your company makes GPS devices, the ones that tell you where you are located, hi-fi maps. Say, a hiker has taken your device and gone on a trekking expedition and did not take any maps with him. He goes on and on and on...suddenly, the device drops from his hands. He picks it up, and oooops, the screen is blank!
The next day, the news reports a frozen hiker in the middle of nowhere with icicles formed on his body, with Your blanked out GPS device on his hand. Bad publicity.
So what do you do??
You test, and test again to find the chance that the chip will malfunction. And, when you run tests, you need to set limits to acceptable performance, and those limits will be given by the wonderful subject called Statistics.
It was the most wonderful introduction to a subject I had previously thought as routine.

Hopefully it will continue to be as interesting as when it began.

The weekends come, and with it the promise of assignments. Frankly, management is all about managing your scarcities...the primary one being time.


Blogger Meenakshi said...

The introduction is good and I can almost see the jaws drop of the people who would have manufactured that blanked-out GPS device in that hypothetical hiker's frozen hands!
But statistically speaking, there is always a finite probability that, that hiker would have frozen with or without the device!! He shouldn't have gone on and on and on....without a map. Bad hiking basics!

2:20 PM  
Blogger Puneet said...

hey hey
that seems fearful and creative introduction of any subject for me too. but u cant imagine the way how we completed two courses by Mr. M.P.Gupta,prof frm FMS visiting faculty to our inst. DOMS iit r. he has received 100% attendance for all his class and the way he explained his subjects helped us to understand lewin rubin, the book which looks intimidating on first look. but the prof for the first time in many student's lives helped them to understand stats basic definitely his view too was a different one. We surely miss those classes.

12:18 AM  

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