Monday, May 01, 2006

Classes have started.
Accounting - Marketing - Economics and Statistics.
What is the relevance of these subjects to a manager?

I am not interested to be an Accountant, so why know the balance sheet? The answer, as my prof said it well, is because the senior you become in your organisation, the stronger the relationship there is between the balance sheet and You. Defenses by Enron Chief such as "I never knew" does not work anymore. So, Accounting. The other misconception that he cleared was, it's a boring subject. His take on it, "only if done correctly" ;D

Marketing...this is easier to explain to people, as the concept of business stems from the idea that you have a product/sevice/idea/experience to sell and you have to know how to segment the customer, "catch me if you can (target them), and position them. As I go along the way, these broad ideas will be broken down to decide how to go about doing it for a particular case. is not "all about money, honey" if I can change the saying. It is about deciding on an alternative given a scarcity. Scarcity of anything, but primarily of Time and money. What goes behind/back of your maind when you decide on an option? Think and analyse why you chose what you did, what was the alternatives available, what was the scarcity etc. It will get more clearer as the weeks progress.

Statistics..sorry, I haven't had a class yet. But obviously, if after what you've read so far, you haven't figured the need for this subject, you are statistically disadvantaged to become a good manager... ;D

The profs are doing a good job, while we have to keep up with all the pre, present and post reads for the subjects...
Till then,


Blogger Meenakshi said...

Sounds very interesting, and looks like you are enjoying yourself!
Lets hope it keeps that way..and do keep the blog going!

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