Monday, September 24, 2007

The last post of mine was on my shoulder ache...Thanks to all who wished me well. I am fine now :D

Just like a daily jog or exercise is mandatory for some people, just like a cup of tea a day is a must, so is wondering a part of my daily existence. So, I wonder. About life, people's actions, reactions, the rules of nature, the reasons that He might have had to make the world the way it is.

I started the blog, 30 posts and 1 year back as an "in" thing to do, like the rest of the batch. Then, I talked of my professors, my courses, and my takeaways. Now, it is more about me. The reason for starting this blog was to share what I learnt in MBA. I had felt before joining ISB, that a prospective student wants a glimpse of the life inside a B-school. At least, that's what I felt...striving to answer "How's it like inside?" Now, its different.

So, I wondered. How personal can your blog be? Can anyone, who has never met me, draw a mental character sketch of mine? Does my writing move someone I've never really known? Does my writing give away myself more than I want to reveal? I usually read blogs of people I know, or have met, or have a link through an institution (BITS/ISB). And, I think, in some phrases, in some words, in some thoughts, you almost get to know the writer. Reading him frequently, you get to know his dominant mood, his sense of humour...and perhaps, one-tenth of the writer himself.

I was feeling grateful the other day, because I am literate. No, I did not realize it late, that I am literate, I only felt thankful more acutely for it. Certain feelings and thoughts can never be expressed. There is no way, if I start talking I shall do justice to my feelings. It is then, that the pen comes to my rescue. Words, that, when uttered loose their meaning, yet when written captures the essence. So, I wrote it down. A blog helps. A part of me resides in the virtual world...just like a shadow gives an idea of the person, so does a blog give a glimpse of the mind guiding the hand.

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