Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long write.
ISB's done. 1 amazing year shot past as fast as the blink of the eye.
In between I got dunked on my birthday. First time people threw me into the pool. It was fun! :D
A group of my good friends sang for me and smothered cake on my beautiful face. ;D
Then, as a climax to all the fun, I sprained my leg. My poor friends had to wheel me home. Bandage my leg. Wash the face they had carefully caked. Ensure that I was fine....and only then could they leave. Frankly, spraining the leg was painful, but it was fun to see my friends having to undo what they had done. A great birthday!

The rest of ISB was spent mostly outside ISB. Went out to lunch and dine too often. Cooked food for friends...they not only had to eat it, but also sing my praises.

Then the convocation. The commencement or graduation ceremony was nice. MOntek Singh Ahluwalia, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

I shocked myself by coming into the Dean's List! Top 10% of the class according to CGPA. Got mentioned by the dean for winning a IIMC competition....a nice day. Both my parents turned up and had fun.

Went to Puttapurthi, Sai Baba's place for two days after ISB. It was a spiritual place and the serenity was nice. Was lucky to have a darshan of the baba. Spent about a week in Hyd. Probably, a long time before I visit the place again.

Nearly two months at home in Kol. Laziness ruled. Read tons of storybooks, watched movies...chatted with friends.

Went to Manesar for Corporate induction. A week of fun, presentations, great food and getting to know all new hires into Bharti Airtel.
My current posting is hometown.

Met up with a friend of mine....7 years of knowing him. He hasn't changed. I often wonder, is it because I have changed and so has he...and in relative terms, there has been no change?

Keeping in touch with old friends is actually voluntary. If one wishes, one can...which makes me long would it be, before I am lost to all my old friends...and they are lost to me. I have lost touch with some of my old friends....

Rain is here in Kol...the weather is beautiful..

Have a good day!


Blogger Meenakshi said...

There was rain only once here. And it was just a small drizzle...yet it made me happy.

I quite miss the Kalboishakhi myself. Enjoy yourself. And am happy you had people praising your cooking!

Am proud of you!

1:41 PM  

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