Thursday, August 09, 2007

I saw an Ad on TV the other day. The company has changed its name. And the best way they thought of letting people know was through two girls who are identical twins.

The Ad goes on to say - "Everything is the same, except the name".

I have an identical twin. To me that line is like a personl insult. An insult of their individuality. Genetically they say, we are 99% same. But the 1% difference in genes makes us react, respond, behave, attract, repel, love and loathe completely different kind of individuals.

While on the surface, at a distance we appear same. People are confused, just like an Indian would find all Japanese looking the same. It is funny, how all through my life, I've seen people think that seeing two people looking alike was "weird". I have felt that people cannot completely grasp it. Somehow they fumble. Somehow they don't see individuals...One of the responses I had received was, " there are two of you!"

In all those moments of my life, when I had to stand while being peered at, I wished we were not twins. At least, they would think us less "weird". At least, they would behave normally around us, call us by our names instead of "whatever", not start playing the game spot-the-difference....Twins all over the world have to live with this through their life.

FOr all other times, I have loved it. It is like being sent to this planet, with a friend, philosopher and guide. God's insurance and back-up for my loneliness. I have often wondered, whether He had wanted people looking alike to be always together....
I think yes. The severity of the pain of separation is what distinguishes twins from normal siblings.

Twins is not equal to clones. In clones, it 100% match. Yes, then, there are two of the same. I guess, till clones come into this world, people will think Twins to be non-individuals.

The 1% difference is manisfested in several ways. The way we would interpret what someone says, the way we would respond to people (there are those friends of ours who have always felt more closer to one of us than the other).
Now when we are separated by thousands of miles, it feels like an unique experience to be considered as an individual. No staring, no nudging and pointing - Yes, it feels great!
For the first time, there are groups of people in my life who have no clue that I have a twin. Both of us now have different worlds. Much like a Venn Diagram - two circles of friends, where the intersection area is fast diminishing.

What has always interested me more are those people who know us so well, to say with certainty that we re completely different individuals. Besides me, I think they would agree -

Everything is not the same. It starts with the name.



Blogger NDEO said...

Got me thinking....whether the bank also meant 100%?? they have shown twins and that means all the factors that you have listed are already a part of that ad...indirectly may be...

but I am sure that life is not the same even for the clones...or it cannot be 100% perfection...just an attempt for the betterment...

1:43 PM  
Blogger Jitesh said...

Hey! How have u been??
Long time...


5:14 AM  
Anonymous Chaitanya Sagar said...

Good post Enakshi.

Actually, I always saw the same tagline with every name change. That's creative bankruptcy. Besides that, when I see such ads, I feel.. "What? was it just the name that changed? Then there's no point dealing with the co." If they advertise better customer experience or such positives along with the name, it will be better. But, they have nothing of that sort to show. Name change is the beginning. There is lot of work to do for them.

Your post is a good peek into what twins go through. I think most look at (identical) twins because they are special. Just celebrate (even that part of) it.


10:57 PM  
Blogger Enakshi said...

iJitesh - I have been good. Yes, indeed a very long time.

Chaitanya - :D Thanks. I know I am special....and will definitely celebrate!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Satish Udayagiri said...

Good one...made me think abt twins in a new way!!

2:17 AM  
Blogger Meenakshi said...

Hey I liked the way you punned on their Tagline. Its certainly true.

I also think that it was sometimes fun getting all the "twinny-attention"


3:14 PM  
Blogger Madhu said...

Hmm nice post and very true. Hope you are at the best of your times.

7:53 AM  
Blogger VKM said...

Nice Post.


2:43 PM  

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