Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I told you that I stay in Kolkata...that I had been born here and spent my schooling years in this city.
Now that I work here, the way I look at this city has changed...the reason that gave me immense joy as a child does not hold when I am an adult.
Today is a strike. The ubiquitous "bandh" that Kolkata observes in protest of anything that anyone feels is wrong. So, the autos/taxis don't ply...and the office-goers are left in the lurch to fend for themselves. I am one of them.
When in school, I would be sure of the blue bus coming to pick me up at the appointed hour.
Or, school being closed. The story now is completely different.

I am reading Harry Potter, the last of the series. Wonderfully written, it ignites the imagination through each chapter - as Harry races to find the horcruxes, so does my imagination. I have always enjoyed the book much more than the movie.
A movie is a standard product - made by an invidual and meant to serve the masses equally.
A book is a customized product - in the sense, that each reader is free to imagine Harry as s/he wants to... I make my own movie in my mind.

Getting home early leaves me time to reflect...and several thoughts cross my mind. One of them is the weirdness of the concept of love. In love, an individual expects to be liked by someone completely alien for reasons that s/he doesn't believe can be true. The world is weird and I have a long way to go before I find the answers to most questions bubbling in my head.

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