Sunday, August 19, 2007

I recenty finished the last of the Harry Potter series. A wonderful world where being a witch or a wizard is "in" and being a muggle/normal is "out". JK Rowling has done a wonderful job....perhaps outshone Enid Blyton, my favourite childhood author. I noticed something different in the way she brought about magic in her story.
Unlike other authors who have dealt with magic (Lewis etc) and shown that magic resides outside the human, in Harry Potter, magic is with the characters. You don't have to open a secret door, or enter an enchanted forest to find magic...the place does not matter. Magic is where you are, coz you are the magician. Witches and wizards are normal in every way, except for the special gift of magic.

If what Rowling depicted in her stories was actually true, it would mean that we could no longer attribute what we cannot explain to "God"/"The Force" etc. MECE (Mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive) would imply that wizards and witches had a role to play in creating mystery in a muggle's everyday life.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful read for children and adults of all ages.

The other day I read about a research in the newspaper. Some profs in the US (though I think, it must have been their poor RAs) have found out that human beings remember events/happenings in their lives which have a strong emotional attachment. It means, I shall remember the day I got my first paycheck, coz I bought a gift for my mom which made her happy and in turn made me happy. Enough emotion to match a hindi movie plot.
But then, this has other implications. It means, my life so far is a blur. Everyday is the same. Except when I felt emotionally active. Not mentally, but emotionally.
Does this imply, that the brain is now the subject of the heart? Does this mean, that for me to remember anything, I must Feel? Very interesting... Does it mean that people who are more emotional, feel more often, are less cold, calculative and thinking...actually have the most wonderful memories?

I guess, for all those times I create a new password or get a new PIN, I must feel happy/jubilant/ecstatic - depending on the importance of the information.

Take care...and keep feeling!


Blogger Meenakshi said...

JK Rowling seems to have proved a point. Your take on magic is thought provoking indeed!

I did enjoy the last one immensely, but never thought that magic could replace the faith in God. I think that far-fetched.

I wonder whether Muggles would ever find Wizards and Witches amongst us!

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