Sunday, November 12, 2006

The other day, I got invited to Dinner by WCED as a core member of EVC.
This was hosted for delegates from different parts of the world, involved in business incubation - in short, helping entrepreneurs in their country succeed.

I stopped a guy and we started to chat. He was a delegate from Ankara, Turkey who was associated with the Turkish Ministry and helped in the development of small scale industries in his country. He seemed quite excited about India, and we had a good 1 hour chat on education, life in school and his life at Ankara.
He was a heading a Basketball coaching centre in Ankara apart from Ministerial responsibilities, studied for 8 years, married his school mate who was a psychologist by profession, and had a 9 1/2 year old son. Turkey, he said had a similar problem lke India, disequilibrium of income distribution, with 10-12% unemployment rate.
That is why he was helping entrepreneurs set up their business and increase employment. He had been in around Hyderabad and was fascinated by Indian food.
I was in turn lucky to know more about Turkey, the beautiful natural bridge of Bosphorus, the city of Istanbul and a little about his beliefs.
We were joined by a guy from Iran, who hoped to increase the business interaction between Iran and Turkey.
We parted with the hope to meet again...and mutual good wishes.

A great way to spend an evening.


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